Today, we decided to take-out pizza for dinner.  When it comes to pizza take-out, most people will think of places like Pizza 73, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza, and etc.  The list goes on.  However, this is something different.  We saw an ad for the Famosa Neapolitan Pizzeria that offers authentic napoleon style pizzas.  It was located near the 4th Street area near 17th ave.  A couple of years ago, we tried napoleon pizza in Naples, Italy and we loved it.  They had so much cheese and the perfectly baked thin crust was still looming in the back of my memory.  When we saw this place, we had to try it at least once to see if it can bring back the taste from Italy.

Instead of pulling up to this small tiny store with just a front counter top with staff wearing their pizza logo uniform, we arrived at a live and busy resturant filled with atmosphere of people dinning and socilizing.  They even sell gelato so we got one to try it out.

We tried the blood orange flavor gelato.  The gelato flavor was wonderfully fruity and taste of mandarin/tangerine orange hit my palate immediately, but the mixture was still a bit frozen.  Obviously not freshly made. I guess we don’t expect them to make gelato fresh in Calgary.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of it as I couldn’t resist to eat the gelato right away.

As for the pizzas, they only had one standard size to order.  It look like an average medium so it feeds the two of us.  We ordered the sweet bbq chicken and here is the verdict.

The crust – If you like thin crust, then this is the pizza for you.  Take made the crust and baked it the same way with the same taste and texture that they made in Naples, and I can vouch for that.  It totally brings me back to the memories in Naples.

The toppings – The pizza was sprinkled with colorful shades of green parsleys, red tomatoes, onions and chickens.  I can taste each ingredients were freshly made.  The chopped tomatoes tasted just like the ones you find on top of a bruschetta, fresh and juicy.

Closing Comment

For the same price as the pizzas you can get in your local convenient pizza take-out joints, I would say this pizza is totally worth your money!  They use fresh ingredients and handmade crust, so why would anyone choose to buy the over salty reheated pizzas?

Neapolitan Pizzeria Pizza Box


Sweet BBQ chicken




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